The Geospatial Analytics and Computing Research Group


The Geospatial Analytics and Computing Research Group


The UCL Geospatial Analytics and Computing Research Group

We are a multidisciplinary research group based in the Department of Geography at University College London. Our research explores socioeconomic and demographic Big Data and relates them to more conventional and well-grounded data infrastructures. 

Our primary motivation is to visualise, understand and predict the geography and dynamics of human behaviour. We host a core component of the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre and the DataShine web service.

Affiliated Grant Funded Projects

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The Research Group offer a taught masters programme in Geospatial Analysis within the Department of Geography, UCL. Members of the Group also promote the use of quantitative methods and geographical information technologies throughout the social sciences at UCL through the delivery of courses developed for the UCL Q-Step Centre. We contribute to the training programmes of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre at UCL and offer short courses are to industry partners through the Consumer Data Research Centre. Much of our research-based teaching is illustrated in the internationally bestselling textbook Geographic Information Science and Systems. London: the Information Capital gives a flavour of the work that is used to locally ground our teaching and fieldwork.

Population Lines

Impact and Engagement

Group members produce a range of freely available services, tools and datasets for geo-temporal population analysis. This includes portals for neighbourhood level data dissemination from the Consumer Data Research Centre and simple-to-use web geovisualisation tools such as DataShine. The Consumer Data Research Centre at UCL also provides additional services for industry partners and stakeholders.

Research Outputs

All members of the Group are actively engaged in high impact research activities. Wherever possible, research outputs are freely available for download through UCL’s open access research repository or free-to-access journal articles. Research outputs of staff members are displayed on their individual profiles pages, which can be accessed via the people page on this website.


We work extensively with colleagues throughout UCL, in particular through funded research with civil, environmental and geomatic engineering, computer science and crime science.