Genetics and Epidemiology Research Environment

There have been a range of strategic developments at UCL that facilitate the work of the group. Support for genotyping and bioinformatics exists through UCL’s new centralized platform technology service (UCL Genomics). The Genetic Epidemiology Research Group is also affiliated to the newly created UCL Genetics Institute (UGI), which offers centralized core support for bioinformatics, and statistical genetics as well as providing a framework for interfaculty research in human genetics across UCL. Members and affiliates of UGI include clinicians, geneticists, epidemiologists and statisticians. Much of the work of the Genetic Epidemiology Research group is in the field of cardiovascular disease and there are also established and expanding links with the basic sciences and clinical research in cardiovascular disease through the Division of Medicine and the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICS). Finally, there are established and highly productive links with several groups in the Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology Unit at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, including links with statistical genetics.

SNP Plot

Current Research Areas

-Exploring the potential for large scale genetic studies in highly phenotyped populations to model the effects of new drug therapies.

-Co-ordination of collaborative genetic work involving the population studies hosted by the Division to exploit the oppurtunities for pooled cross-cohort analyses for the understanding of the factors governing the development of chronic diseases.

-Contributing to the developmet and application of appropriate methods for the design, conduct and analysis of large scale population studies incorporating genomic information, and the implementation of the findings for risk prediction and causal inference.

Population Sphere

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