Eurocode 7 and New Design Challenges

Workshop 2013

The Eurocode 7 and New Design Challenges workshop was held at UCL on the 19th of March 2013. The workshop was excellently successful with more than 100 attendees from different countries of Europe while the great majority was students, graduates and young geotechnical engineers with a genuine interest in Eurocode 7 design. Among the event highlights were the 4 keynote lectures from the eminent members of the EC7 Evolution Groups:

  • Dr Brian Simpson, Arup Geotechnics (slides - pdf)
  • Professor Helmut F. Schweiger, Graz University of Technology, Austria (slides - pdf)
  • Professor Giuseppe Scarpelli, University of Ancona, Italy (slides - pdf)
  • Professor Christos Vrettos, Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

The 1st session was chaired by Andrew Bond, Director of Geocentrix Ltd and chair of SC7

In the second session designers from some of the most prestigious engineering firms gave a view from industry by presenting case studies of EC7 compliant design highlighting the associated challenges:

The second session was chaired by Trevor Orr from Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland

The workshop was supported by Arup and the European Institute, UCL. Georgios Katsigiannis, as a member of the UCL Geomechanics and Materials Group, being awarded the Junior Researcher 2012-13 Grant, ensured funding for the organisation of the event.  

The event provided a forum for discussion about the challenges associated with the development and implementation of Eurocode 7 as the current European standard for geotechnical design. Exchanges between experienced designers and academics and young engineers added an appealing note to the workshop while all participants agreed that more events aiming at the new generation of geotechnical engineers are needed in the future. 

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