Research Centres

 Centre for Biodiversity and Environmental Research

UCL CBER is an interdisciplinary centre with a goal to develop, undertake and communicate new research at the interface between biodiversity and environmental change.

Activities in the centre will focus on a core research programme as well as bringing together UCL researchers drawn from a range of departments in the Life, Earth, Physical, Social, Computational & Mathematical Sciences.

Core Research themes are Consequences of biodiversity loss, Environmental change and biodiversity and Limits to adaptive change. 

Centre for Ecology and Evolution

The CEE is a cross-institutional association of London-based researchers interested in ecology and evolution. It organises a series of seminars ans symposia and administers a small grants scheme.


CoMPLEX is the Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology. A centre for interdisciplinary research in the life sciences, it brings together life and medical scientists with mathematicians, physical scientists, computer scientists and engineers to tackle the challenges arising from complexity in biology and medicine. In addition, CoMPLEX runs a doctoral school for students wishing to embark on research at the inteface between biology and mathematics or physics.

Institute of Healthy Ageing

The Institute of Healthy Ageing is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence for research on the biology of ageing and ageing-related diseases. It is directed by Prof. Linda Partridge and comprises staff from GEE as well as other departments within the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Medical School.

R.A. Fisher Centre for Computational Biology

The R.A. Fisher Centre of Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence for mathematical and computational analysis of the fast-growing data in genetics and biology. It was established to commemorate the extraordinary contributions to both statistics and genetics by R.A. Fisher, who was the UCL Galton Professor in 1933-1943 (see departmental history). The Centre is directed by Professor Ziheng Yang FRS, and comprises staff from GEE as well as other departments within the Faculty of Life Sciences

UCL Collections

UCL houses several collections related to the research at GEE. The Grant Museum is the oldest surviving university museum of zoology. The Galton Collection comprises the scientific instruments, papers, and personal memorabilia of Sir Francis Galton F.R.S. (1822-1911).

UCL Genetics Institute

 The UGI is a multi-disciplinary research centre focusing on research into the genetics of human disease and human population genetics. It is housed in GEE and, in addition to GEE staff, has members from UCL Medical School.

UCL Systems Biology

UCL is a truly multidisciplinary university and has one of the largest concentrations of biomedical research in Europe. UCL Systems Biology has been established to build on the university’s breadth of expertise across disciplines by coordinating and strengthening interdisciplinary systems-biology research across the university. This new and growing community of researchers at UCL using systems approaches to tackle fundamental biological problems includes members of the UCL Life Sciences, UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences, UCL Engineering Sciences and UCL Biomedicine.

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