UCL provides a number of facilities in the area of Biosciences research. In addition, GEE has some in house resources for use by GEE and other researchers.

UCL Sequencing Facility

This is an in-house facility that provides sequencing and genotyping on capillary machines.

Blakeney Point field station

Situated in Norfolk, Blakeney Point provides a base for ecological studies of the coastal ecosystems in its surroundings and is used for undergraduate field courses.

UCL Genomics

This central UCL service facility provides various kinds of high-throughput analyses, such as next-generation sequencing (454, Illumina, ABI SOLiD), microarray analysis or high-throughput SNP genotyping.

UCL Research Computing

UCL provides researchers with high-performance computing capacity including Legion and Iridis. UCL also provides access to STFC hosted Emerald high performance system. These facilities are accessible to any UCL researcher with high computing demands.

UCL Biosciences Research Facilities

The Division of Biosciences provides a number of central services for all staff members. These include electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, zebra fish facility, imaging, electronics workshop, mechanical workshop and other specialist services.

UCL Nanostring Facility

This is facility that provides nucleic acid quantification using nCounter analysis system.

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