Sequencing Facility

Services at the UCL Sequencing Facility

The facility offers cost-effective Sanger sequencing and DNA fragment genotyping services using an ABI3730xl DNA Analyzer located in the Darwin Building, UCL (room 219). 

Price lists are shown below

Fraser Simpson

Potential users should feel free to discuss specialised needs and charging structure. E.g. If you want to do your own sequencing reactions (which is more economical), but don’t know how or don’t want to buy lots of Big Dye, the team can advise.

Service Time

This will usually be 2-3 days but if you need a faster service please enquire. Contact

Technical Staff

Fraser Simpson
Wendy Hart
Rebecca Finlay

Price List UCL Division Biosciences ABI 3730xl sequencer from 01/08/2016

–external users add VAT (approx. 20%) but please enquire for details.

Sanger sequencing run with sequencing reaction, using BigDye v3.1

Full Plate (96 wells)
£250 per 96 wells
Half Plate (48 wells)
£175 per 48 wells
Up to 8 wells
£6.50 per sequence        
Up to 16 wells
£5.50 per sequence

Machine-ready i.e. sequencing reaction already done and cleaned up

Full Plate (96 wells)
£70 per 96 wells (External: £150 per 96 wells)

Genotyping (includes microsatellites/STRs/AFLP)

Full Plate (96 wells)
£100 per 96 wells
Half Plate (48 wells)
£80 per 48 wells
Up to 47 samples
£3.00 per sample
Up to 16 samples
£4.00 per sample.

Note that no VAT is payable within UCL, but will be chargeable outside UCL

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