PREDICTS Project: Global Analysis Reveals Massive Biodiversity Losses

Thu, 21 May 2015 14:44:08 +0000

The changing climate is only one of a myriad of pressures faced by global biodiversity – we are also changing habitats and altering land-use on an unprecedented scale. The first global analysis published from the PREDICTS project reveals the striking global effect of land-use change on local biodiversity patterns, and highlights the importance of future […]

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2015 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best final year talk - Winner
Fabian Zimmer

Best final year talk - Runner-up
Gwen Maggs

Best Poster - Winner
Mark Hill

Best Poster - Runners-up
Ann Gilliat
Johannes Girstmair

Best first year talk - Winner
Charlotte Outhwaite

Best first year talk - Runner-up
Adam Britton

2015 Abstract book

2014 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best final year talk - Winner:
Alison Cotton

Best final year talk - Runners-up:
Antonia Ford
Lucia Bettedi

Best Poster - Winner:
Fabian Zimmer

Best Poster - Runner-up:
Sayed Jaffar Abbas

Best First year talk - Joint Winners:
Katherine Walker
Leanne Grech

2014 Abstract book

2013 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best final year talk - joint winners:
Jessica Bryant                 
Jorge Castillo-Quan

Best poster - joint winners:
Alison Jameson               
Alex Crampton-Platt     
Antonia Ford

Best first year talk Winner:
Fabian Zimmer

Best first year talk Runners-up:
Peter Rennert                  
Konstantinos Angelis

2013 Abstract book

2012 Poster and Talk prizes

Poster prize 1:  Ben Garrod
Poster prize 2:  Sahar Emran
Poster prize 3:  Mirna Kovacevic

Talk prize 1:  Anton Flugge
Talk prize 2:  Avigdor Lerner
Talk prize 3:  Jack Hesketh

2012 Abstract book

2011 Talk prizes

First prize:  Cassandra Coburn
Second prize shared by: Ripu Bains, Katherine Brown, Elisabeth Harley

Poster winners Verity Bennett, Anton Flügge, Avi Lerner

2011 Abstract book

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