The Challenge of Monitoring Biodiversity

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 14:12:04 +0000

a guest blog by Charlie Outhwaite, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is a complex term encompassing the variety of life found on Earth. It incorporates not only differences between species but within species themselves and of the environments and ecosystems where they are found. We as humans benefit […]

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Post-graduate symposium

This is an annual event run by GEE that showcases the current research being undertaken by our post-graduate students. The symposium brings together a diverse range of research topics highlighting the enormous breadth and depth of science being carried out our department.  

2016 Poster and Talk Prizes

Final Year Talk - joint winners
Elizabeth Gallagher
Anna Czarkwiani

Second Year Poster - joint winners
Adam Britton
Daniella Rabaiotti
Catherine Walker

First Year Talk - winner
Sam Finnigan

2016 Abstract booklet

2015 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best Final year Talk - Winner
Fabian Zimmer

Best Final Year Talk - Runner-up
Gwen Maggs

Best Poster - Winner
Mark Hill

Best Poster - Runners-up
Ann Gilliat
Johannes Girstmair

Best First Year Talk - Winner
Charlotte Outhwaite

Best First Year Talk - Runner-up
Adam Britton

2015 Abstract booklet

2014 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best final year talk - Winner:
Alison Cotton

Best final year talk - Runners-up:
Antonia Ford
Lucia Bettedi

Best Poster - Winner:
Fabian Zimmer

Best Poster - Runner-up:
Sayed Jaffar Abbas

Best First year talk - Joint Winners:
Katherine Walker
Leanne Grech

2014 Abstract booklet

2013 Poster and Talk Prizes

Best final year talk - joint winners:
Jessica Bryant                 
Jorge Castillo-Quan

Best poster - joint winners:
Alison Jameson               
Alex Crampton-Platt     
Antonia Ford

Best first year talk Winner:
Fabian Zimmer

Best first year talk Runners-up:
Peter Rennert                  
Konstantinos Angelis

2013 Abstract booklet

2012 Poster and Talk prizes

Poster prize 1:  Ben Garrod
Poster prize 2:  Sahar Emran
Poster prize 3:  Mirna Kovacevic

Talk prize 1:  Anton Flugge
Talk prize 2:  Avigdor Lerner
Talk prize 3:  Jack Hesketh

2012 Abstract booklet

2011 Talk prizes

First prize:  Cassandra Coburn
Second prize shared by: Ripu Bains, Katherine Brown, Elisabeth Harley

Poster winners Verity Bennett, Anton Flügge, Avi Lerner

2011 Abstract booklet

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