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Anjali Goswami awarded 1.5m euros ERC grant

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Anjali Goswami has been awarded 1.5m euros by the ERC to fund work on analysing diversity with a phenomic approach: to analyse modularity (relationships among phenotypic traits driven by genetic, developmental, and functional interactions), morphological disparity, and evolutionary rates across all 1700 families of living and extinct tetrapods (amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals) over the last 300 million years and through three mass extinctions, using 3-D imaging, surface morphometrics and new tools for multivariate data collection and analysis.

Dr Goswamin has also been awarded a Leverhulme grant (£122,319) for the project entitled Untangling the enigmatic origins of placental mammals with fossils and genomics (co-I, Ziheng Yang): to reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships of placental mammals and their extinct relatives with a large morphological and molecular dataset, followed by analyses of evolutionary rates through their early radiation, particularly around the Cretaceous-Palaeogene mass extinction.

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