Green Darwin

GEE is conscious that in order to operate as a successful Research Department, some of its laboratory research activities will be, by their very nature, significantly more energy and resource intensive than many other academic departments within UCL.  

GEE is committed to finding sustainable ways of working which balance the intrinsic needs of the department whilst, without compromising its research, address the environmental impact of all of its activities .  To this end, with support from the Head of Department, the Divisional Operations Team and Darwin’s Green Champions are working to raise awareness, promote UCL systems to help and encourage reuse and recycling, and continue to monitor and put in place operations to ensure efficient use of resources. 

The links below are a useful reference for staff and researchers on the systems in use in the Darwin Building and in UCL to help reduce environmental impact:

Darwin’s Green Champions

In the Darwin Building there is a 8-strong team of volunteer Green Champions from a cross-section of the staff and student population who bring an insight of green issues from the office, lab and operational environments. Their objective, to help UCL achieve its sustainability targets, is to support and encourage a greener-ethic in the workplace and to engage with staff on green issues. The Green Champion Team are:

James Michaels – Operations Officer, Division of Biosciences
Elizabeth Sutton-Klein - Lab Assistant
Fiona Williamson - Executive Officer, GEE
Dawn Butler – Executive Officer, SMB
Giovanna Vinti - Lab Manager IHA
Sayoni Das – PhD Student
Antonia Ford - PhD Student
Claire Peart - PhD Student

Contact any one of the team with any green issues in Darwin or with any suggestions you might have on how Darwin can become more environmentally friendly.

Green Impact

The Green Champions for the Darwin Building are a committed team. As a result of their efforts in 2013, the Darwin Building was awarded a Bronze Award as part of the UCL Green Impact scheme.  The team are now working with staff and researchers to achieve the Green Impact silver award for the Darwin Building. 

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