Student Conference Fund

The School of Life & Medical Sciences (SLMS) is committed to strengthen and develop support for graduate studies at UCL. To this end, a Student Conference Fund is set aside and accessible to all graduate research students. Its focus is on those students who do not have access to alternate funding streams (eg associated research grants, studentships).

Any GEE student wishing to apply for student conference funds will need a graduate tutor to check their application prior to getting it signed by the Head of Department. Please can applications be sent to Julia Day or Lazaros Foukas no later than 2 weeks before the deadline.

Please be aware that to successfully gain funds from the SLMS graduate funding scheme you will need to match the funds you are requesting. Supervisors should help with this, but for those students who have smaller research budgets the GEE graduate fund can provide some help. Please come and discuss this with Julia Day or Lazaros Foukas in good time if you come under this category.

Please note that we are unlikely to administer funds to Research Council funded students or those funded through larger research grants.

Application form and further details

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