Post-doc Network

Contact Group Name: GEE postdocs group experience of job/fellowship/grant applications? expertise (subject & technical)
Adesakin, Oyinkansola o.sofola@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Alic, Nazif n.alic@ucl.ac.uk Partridge Marie Curie & EMBO postdoc, ERC fellowship  
Antonia Lock a.lock@ucl.ac.uk      
Araiz, Caroline c.araiz@ucl.ac.uk Foukas    
Augustin, Hrvoje h.augustin@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Benedetto, Alexandre a.benedetto@ucl.ac.uk Gems Royal Society URF, BBSRC responsive-mode grant (co-I), ERC synergy grant * the last two are usually for established PIs but postdocs may apply as co-I for research councils (except ERC) - C. elegans epithelial biology
- C. elegans dopaminergic system
- intracellular trafficking
- confocal microscopy live imaging techniques
- microfabrication/ microfluidics
- high-pressure freezing TEM
Bertrand, Julie j.bertrand@ucl.ac.uk      
Bitton, Danny d.bitton@ucl.ac.uk Bahler Henry Wellcome postdoc fellowship  
Bjedov, Ivana i.bjedov@ucl.ac.uk Partridge EMBO postdoc fellowship, ERC fellowship  
Bolukbasi, Ekin e.bolukbasi@ucl.ac.uk Partridge David Sainsbury's Postdoc fellowship  
Campbell, Desmond d.campbell@ucl.ac.uk      
Chapman, Nadine nadine.chapman@ucl.ac.uk Fowler / Pomiankowski    
Cocheme, Helena h.cocheme@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Egger, Bernhard b.egger@ucl.ac.uk      
Ekong, Rosemary r.ekong@ucl.ac.uk      
Field, Pauline p.field@ucl.ac.uk      
Freeman, Robin robin.freeman@ucl.ac.uk Pomiankowski oxford/microsoft fellowship, NERC fellowship  
Gerle, Bori nagybori@gmail.com      
Gomes Cabreiro, Filipe f.cabreiro@ucl.ac.uk Gems    
Harrison, Peter p.w.harrison@ucl.ac.uk Mank ERC postdoc Avian sexual dimorphism, comparative transcriptomics/genomics
Kerr, Fiona f.kerr@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Kinghorn, Kerri k.kinghorn@ucl.ac.uk Partridge Wellcome clinical researcher postdoc fellowship  
Lapraz, Francois f.lapraz@ucl.ac.uk      
Lau, Winston w.lau@ucl.ac.uk      
Lopez-Maury, Luis l.lopez-maury@ucl.ac.uk      
Marechal, Amandine a.marechal@ucl.ac.uk      
Marguerat, Samuel s.marguerat@ucl.ac.uk Bahler    
Marsellach-Castellvi, Xavier f.marsellach-castellvi@ucl.ac.uk Bahler    
Mestek, Lamia l.mestek@ucl.ac.uk Schuster    
Niccoli, Teresa t.niccoli@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Notara, Maria m.notara@ucl.ac.uk Pearce    
Pancaldi, Vera v.pancaldi@ucl.ac.uk      
Perry, Jen jennifer.perry@zoo.ox.ac.uk Mank interview for assistant prof in USA  
Piper, Matthew m.piper@ucl.ac.uk Piper Royal Soc URF, BBSRC New Investigator grant nutrition & ageing in Drosophila
Rallis, Babis c.rallis@ucl.ac.uk Bahler    
Rawlinson, Katherine k.rawlinson@ucl.ac.uk      
Regan, Jenny j.regan@ucl.ac.uk Partridge EMBO postdoc fellowship; FCT (Portugueses national funding); EMBO practical course funding  
Riesen, Michele m.riesen@ucl.ac.uk Gems    
Scutari, Marco m.scutari@ucl.ac.uk      
Sideri, Dora t.sideri@ucl.ac.uk Bahler    
Slack, Cathy c.slack@ucl.ac.uk Partridge    
Thomson, Linda linda.thomson@ucl.ac.uk      
Tullet, Jennifer j.tullet@ucl.ac.uk Gems    
Vergara  Irigaray, Nuria n.vergara@ucl.ac.uk Schuster    
Vigilante, Alessandre vigilantealessandra@gmail.com Luscombe    
Weinert, Lucy l.weinert@ucl.ac.uk      
Yang, Mingyao mingyao.yang@ucl.ac.uk Piper    

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