Visitors & Access Cards

Request for visitor ID cards and building access, giving the visitor's name, date of birth, existing email address and either a UK phone number or address, should be emailed to Fiona Williamson who will process the request. Please indicate if a UCL email account is required.

Unless approved by the HoD, all visiting staff will be granted Associate Staff status and will have full access to UCL services on request (computer account and library access).  An ID card will be generated automatically and will be ready for collection shortly after the visitor record has been processed.  Your visitors will need to be taken to Security Systems in the Andrew Huxley Building to collect their UCL ID – they will need to take a secondary form of ID with them.  

Computer Accounts are generated overnight and are usually available for collection from ISD Service Desk on production of an ID card the day after request. Otherwise the computer account slip will be sent in the internal post to the department which can take between 1-3 days to arrive.

All visitors must have a Health & Safety Induction meeting before their ID card is activated.  These are normally held on alternative Tuesdays in the Darwin Common Room at 11:45am and you should contact James Michael  (Ext 37374) to make the necessary arrangements.

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