Stores & Couriers

Stores Team members:
Ian Blaney - Tel 33287
Michael Hanley - Tel 32259
Rob Williams - Tel 33371

To contact the Stores team please email (biosciences-stores@ucl.ac.uk)

About Stores

Divisional Stores is located in the basement of the Anatomy Building, in the corridor leading out to Malet Place. We keep various items from stationery to chemicals. Dry Ice is available from us; we get two deliveries a week of dry ice (30kgs on a Monday and 20kgs on a Wednesday) but this is strictly first come first served.

We are open twice a day, 9.30am till 12.00pm and 2.30pm till 3.30pm. You can come down and collect orders delivered, and take items we keep in stock during these times. Please try not to come down (unless absolutely necessary) after these times. When your order has arrived we will email you and your name will be written on the board outside the Stores.

All Invoices and Delivery Notes should be passed to us for receipt and payment. Invoices usually come straight to us but it has been known for the odd one to go to the end user. Please pass them to us as soon as possible so as to avoid suppliers chasing you and us for payment. 


You can send Documents and Parcels via DHL and City Sprint from the stores.

Any package being sent out that is charged to your account must have a Purchase Order.

If you are sending anything other than documents outside of the EU you will require 6 copies of a commercial invoice, the stores team can email you the template to use.

We use Citysprint for sameday delivery services using motorbike, pushbike and small vans depending on size of parcels. Please package your items up and clearly write the name, address and contact telephone number on the parcel. Bring the parcel down to us and we'll arrange for it to be collected from Stores as soon as possible. They do have time limitations so please contact us for advise before hand.

DHL are used for National and International deliveries. They also offer a sameday delivery service within the UK. They pick up from Stores and supply pre-printed Airwaybills and sealable bags.  DHL packages must be with us before 2.30 on the day they are to be sent.

Fedex are used to send and receive International deliveries.  They pick up from Stores and supply Airwaybills and sealable bags.  Fedex packages must be with us before 12 on the day they are to be sent.

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