Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms (rooms 114 and 214 Darwin Building)

Rooms are bookable using the outlook calendars:

~DarwinBld.Room 114.(0).BioSciences
~DarwinBld.Room 214.(0).BioSciences

Please remember this is a shared resource and to please be considerate of others users needs. 
Do not use these calendars for sending outlook invites. 
The meeting rooms are bookable by all Darwin Staff and Researchers.  If Biosciences staff wish to access this resource they should contact f.williamson@ucl.ac.uk.

When making bookings, it is important you:

  • enter the name of your meeting and your extension number
  • take care when cancelling or changing your booking - be careful not to cancel recurring bookings by mistake
  • cancel your booking if it is no longer needed - it is likely that someone else could use your vacated slot as meeting rooms in Darwin and UCL are scarce

Guidelines for using outlook calendars

How to add the room booking calendars to your shared calendars
How to make a booking
How to cancel a booking
Remote Access via outlook.com

Departmental Laptop & Projector

Meeting room 114 has a screen and AV unit; Meeting Room 214 however currently has no AV provided, so you may need to borrow the departmental data projector.  These can be booked out in the ~DarwinBld.Room 214.(0).BioSciences room booking calendar and collected from the Admin Office, Room 111.

Central Room Bookings

These can be booked via UCL Room Bookings Ext 41819.  Availability can be checked on the UCL Room Booking site.

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