Peer Review of Grants

The aim of monitoring the quality of grant applications is to ensure that every PI has the support necessary to submit the best grant possible. The simplest way to achieve this is an internal peer review process.  The procedure that we have agreed is to ask two of your colleagues to read the scientific case for support for your grant. They will be asked to provide (in good time) constructive feedback on the quality of the science and the clarity of the writing and structure of the grant. It is important to recognise that our grants are reviewed in much the same way once they reach the grant giving body and it is hoped that we will immediately appreciate the input into the content and structure of our proposals.
The procedure that we have agreed within GEE is as follows.

  1. All grants should be sent to Fiona Williamson at least 2-3 weeks before the submission deadline. Since the costing process takes roughly two weeks, this will give adequate time for the review process and for comments to be fed back and incorporated into the final text.
  2. Please download and complete a summary form and send it to Fiona along with the scientific case for support of your grant
  3. PIs should nominate their own reviewers and have the right to veto potential reviewers if there is any potential conflict of interest.
  4. Grants over £100k should have 2 reviews – ideally a scientific review and a review by someone not directly in the field to give input on clarity of message.  Grants below £100k need have only a single scientific reviewer.
  5. Once the procedure has been completed the HoRD will be able to sign off on the grant.
  6. It is, of course, possible for exceptions to this procedure at the HoRD’s discretion but please discuss these in good time.
  7. You must also complete in good time (2 weeks before deadline) a pFACT form.  Download instructions for grant costing.
Covering Cost for Technical Support

It is essential that we include costs to cover the salaries of technical staff on all grants. This can be a percentage of a technician’s time for lab based research or a contribution IT support for purely computational research. The HoD will not sign off on grants without this unless there is a strong financial reason not to.

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