The Challenge of Monitoring Biodiversity

Tue, 04 Aug 2015 14:12:04 +0000

a guest blog by Charlie Outhwaite, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is a complex term encompassing the variety of life found on Earth. It incorporates not only differences between species but within species themselves and of the environments and ecosystems where they are found. We as humans benefit […]

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Admin & Support

Below is a list of support staff in, or associated with, GEE. To email, please add to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension (without the first cipher in parentheses). 

A = Anatomy Building
C= Cruciform Building
D = Darwin Building
ME = Medawar
MS = Medical Sciences
WH = Wolfson House

Member of staff & title e-mail ( Phone  Bldg/Rm
Fiona Williamson
Executive Officer to the Head of Department, GEE
Heather Gardiner
Undergraduate Administrator, Biosciences and Recruitment and Marketing
ME G05
Dr Lawrence Bellamy
Biosciences Teaching Fellow

 (3)7730  D105
Kathryn Ball
Teaching Administrator
kathryn.ball (3)1330 ME G03
Liz Caine
Divisional Manager (Deputy Faculty Manager)
MS 1M01
Vas Chandranivasan
Procurement Officer
A 108
Manu Davies
Graduate Research Admnistrator
 manu.davies  (6)5460 A G03A
Dr Susmita Datta
Manager, UGI
D 210
Jeremy Guyer
Divisional Staffing Officer
jeremy.guyer  (6)5467 MS 1M01
Nihdi Rathod
Acting Teaching and Learning Manager (Secondment Cover)
 (3)3240 ME G03
Chris Langridge
CBER Administrator
 c.langridge  (5)1609 ME 2nd floor
Dr Elvira Mambetisaeva
Teaching Fellow
  D 107
Graham Smith
Divisional Operations Manager, Divisional Safety Officer
A G02A
James Michaels
Buildings Manager, Estates & Laboratory Management Team (Darwin Hub)
D G24
Chris Pieri
Procurement Officer
A 108
Tamsin Piper
Operations Officer, Area Safety Officer
t.piper (6)5453 A G02
Tom Rendell
Senior Finance Officer
t.rendell (6)5882 MS 127
Dr Louise Tinsley
Managing Editor, Annals of Human Genetics
anhumgen n/a
Rachel Tribe
Staffing and Human Resources Manager
 r.tribe (6)5469 MS 1M01
Michael Wright
Executive Officer, Prof Linda Partridge, IHA 
 ucbhlof (3)4380   D 322

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