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Sex Differentiation Begins During Early Development

Wed, 27 Aug 2014 14:04:57 +0000

Males and females look different from each other, and these sexual dimorphisms are the result, largely, of sex differences in the expression of certain genes. Typically, scientists have studied sexual dimorphism in sexually mature adult animals, as this is the lifestage where differences are most apparent. However, many sex-specific phenotypes arise from sex-biased development, so […]

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Extinction and Species Declines:Defaunation in the Anthropocene

Mon, 18 Aug 2014 10:35:52 +0000

We are in the grips of a mass extinction. There have been mass extinctions throughout evolutionary history, what makes this one different is that we’re the ones causing it. A recent review paper from GEE’s Dr Ben Collen discusses the current loss of biodiversity and suggests that our main concerns are species and population declines, […]

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Defaunation in the Anthropocene
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Evolving Endemism in East Africa’s Sky Islands

Fri, 08 Aug 2014 14:16:32 +0000

The World’s biodiversity is not evenly distributed. Some regions are hot spots for species richness, and biologists have been trying better to understand why these regions are special and what drives evolution and diversification. A recent paper by GEE’s Dr Julia Day and recent PhD graduate Dr Siobhan Cox, investigated the diversification of White-Eye Birds […]

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Predicting Extinction Risk:The Importance of Life History and Demography

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 14:46:17 +0000

The changing climate is no longer simply a concern for the future, it is a reality. Understanding how the biodiversity that we share our planet with will respond to climate change is a key step in developing long-term strategies to conserve it. Recent research by UCL CBER’s Dr Richard Pearson identifies the key characteristics that […]

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The Importance of Life History and Demography
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It Pays to Be Different:Evolutionary Distinctiveness and Conservation Priorities

Tue, 15 Jul 2014 13:15:25 +0000

The world is currently experiencing an extinction crisis. A mass extinction on a scale not seen since the dinosaurs. While conservationists work tirelessly to try and protect the World’s biodiversity, it will not be possible to save everything, and it is important to focus conservation efforts intelligently. Evolutionary distinctiveness is a measure of how isolated […]

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Evolutionary Distinctiveness and Conservation Priorities
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Admin & Support

Below is a list of support staff in, or associated with, GEE. To email, please add @ucl.ac.uk to the prefix, to call from outside UCL, please dial (0)20-7679, followed by the extension (without the first cipher in parentheses). 

A = Anatomy Building
C= Cruciform Building
D = Darwin Building
ME = Medawar
MS = Medical Sciences
WH = Wolfson House

Member of staff & title e-mail (@ucl.ac.uk) Phone  Bldg/Rm
Fiona Williamson
Executive Officer to the Head of Department, GEE
Claire Asher
NERC Impact Accelerator
 c.asher  (5)1609  ME 2nd floor
Heather Gardiner
Undergraduate Administrator, Biosciences and Recruitment and Marketing
ME G05
Dr Lawrence Bellamy
Biosciences Teaching Fellow

 (3)7730  D105
Liz Caine
Divisional Manager (Deputy Faculty Manager)
MS 1M01
Vas Chandranivasan
Procurement Officer
A 108
Manu Davies
Graduate Research Admnistrator
 manu.davies  (3)7033 A G03A
Dr Susmita Datta
Manager, UGI
D 210
 Alex Ferrell
Senior Finance Officer
 alexandra.ferrell  (6)5475
 MS 128
Jeremy Guyer
Divisional Staffing Officer
jeremy.guyer  (3)3456 MS 1M01
Tracy Hicks
Teaching and Learning Manager (Secondment Cover)
 (3)3240 ME G03
Chris Langridge
CBER Administrator
 c.langridge  (5)1609 ME 2nd floor
Dr Elvira Mambetisaeva
Executive Officer, UGI
D 210
Richard Marguerie
Divisional Operations Manager, Divisional Safety Officer
A G02A
James Michaels
Buildings Manager, Estates & Laboratory Management Team (Darwin Hub)
D G24
Fiona Paul
PA to Prof James MacKay
WH 205
Chris Pieri
Procurement Officer
A 108
Tamsin Piper
Operations Officer, Area Safety Officer
t.piper (3)2185 D 204
Antonella Silvestro
Teaching Administrator
ME G03
Dr Louise Tinsley
Managing Editor, Annals of Human Genetics
anhumgen n/a
Rachel Tribe
Staffing and Human Resources Manager
 r.tribe (3)7943 MS 1M01
Michael Wright
Executive Officer, Prof Linda Partridge, IHA 
 ucbhlof (3)4380   D 322

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