Anti-Ageing: Health or Beauty?

Tue, 07 Jul 2015 13:52:48 +0000

a guest blog by Jorge I. Castillo-Quan, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. If you had not heard of the term anti-ageing you have not noticed spam emails, television advertising, and articles in magazines. The term anti-ageing has definitely permeated our society. Most scientists struggle to explain to their non-scientist friends what their […]

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Analysis by Dr Oliver Davis and collaborators show the correlation between reading and mathematics ability at age twelve has a substantial genetic component

10 July 2014

The analysis published in Nature Communications, show, using twin and genome-wide analysis, that there is a substantial genetic component to children’s ability in reading and mathematics, and estimate that around one half of the observed correlation in these traits is due to shared genetic effects (so-called Generalist Genes). Thus, the results highlight the potential role of the learning environment in contributing to differences in a child’s cognitive abilities at age twelve.

See UCL News for more background details and information.

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