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Can Large MPAs Protect Tuna and Sharks?

Thu, 04 Jun 2015 14:04:29 +0000

a guest blog by David Curnick, written for the 2015 Write About Research Competition. With a global human population of over 7 billion it is becoming ever more important to manage our natural resources effectively. For centuries, the oceans have been seen as an endless bounty, ripe for harvesting. However, this simply isn’t the case […]

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Darwin 'would struggle to get funding today' debates GEE's Anjali Goswami

4 February 2011

Charles Darwin may be considered one of the most influential scientists but would he get a job in science today? That's one of the questions being debated in a discussion at University College London tonight. UCL's Dr Anjali Goswami and Professor Scott Armbruster of Portsmouth University debate the issue on the BBC's Today programme.

Dr Anjali Goswami

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