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Dating Mammalian Evolution

Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:14:37 +0000

When the age of the dinosaurs ended around 65 million years ago, mammals stepped in to fill the gap, and the age of the placentals began. However, whether early placental mammals were already present on Earth before the demise of the dinosaurs has been the subject of a long standing debate. Recent research in GEE [...]


The Delicate Balance of Effect and Response

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:50:36 +0000

We may not always be aware of it, but many wild plants, animals, fungi and even bacteria, provide crucial services to us which keep the ecosystems of Earth functioning. Environmental changes caused by human activities are now threatening many species, and those that cannot withstand these changes may be lost forever, potentially taking the services [...]


It’s All in the Wrist

Fri, 20 Dec 2013 16:18:20 +0000

The evolution of the primate wrist has been dramatic, enabling primates to adapt to a wide variety of lifestyles and walking styles, including tree-swinging, climbing and terrestrial walking both on four legs and two. In hominids, the evolution of the bipedal gait freed up the forelimbs for tool use, and the wrist evolved independently from [...]


The Transcriptional Profile of A ‘Wingman’

Wed, 27 Nov 2013 14:25:48 +0000

In many species, males have special adaptations to attract females. From antlers to stalk-eyes, to bright plumage and beards, males across the animal kingdom work hard to look attractive to the opposite sex. In some species, looking good isn’t enough, though. Male wild turkeys need a less attractive ‘wingman’ to help him attract a woman. [...]


Damage and Fidelity: The Role of the Female Germline in mtDNA Inheritance

Mon, 11 Nov 2013 15:13:12 +0000

Billions of years ago, one single-celled organism engulfed another, beginning a symbiotic interaction that would change live on Earth forever. The mitochondria are what remains of this symbiotic event, and are responsible for producing energy in all eukaryotic cells. Derived from a free-living organism, they carry their own genes, but these genes are at risk [...]


GEE Seminars

24 January 2014

Spring Series

26 March 2014

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 5pm unless otherwise stated.  All are welcome to attend.

Date Speaker Title

2 April

Note:  1pm start time

Adam Antebi
Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing Cologne
Host:  Lazaros Foukas

Hexosamine pathway metabolites enhance protein quality control and prolong life

Venue: Medawar G01 Lankester LT

30 April


Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

7 May


Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

21 May

Drew Purves
Microsoft Research,Cambridge

Host:  CBER

Venue: Medical Sciences G46 H O Schild Pharmacology LT
Friday 30 May
4.30pm start time

Nathan Tublitz
University of Oregon
Host:  Paola Oliveri
A spineless tale: Those amazing Cephalopods
Venue:  Anatomy JZ Young LT
4 June
Gáspár Jékely
Tuebingen MPG
Host: Max Telford


Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

11 June


Venue: Gordon Street (25) Maths 500

25 June
Mick Tuite
University of Kent
Title and Venue TBA

Winter Series

24 January 2014

Seminars are held in Room 309, Roberts Building at 5pm unless otherwise stated.  All are welcome to attend.

 Date Speaker Title
15 January
Chris Norbury
(Univeristy of Oxford)
Host: Jurg Bahler
RNA 3' end modifications in cancer development
22 January
Annual Huxley lecture: Tim Coulson
(University of Oxford)
Host: Jon Bielby (IoZ)
Eco-evolutionary dynamics and the rediscovery of soft selection
Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT
29 January
Nick Furnham
(London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
Host: Christophe Dessimoz
Large-Scale Analysis Of Enzyme Evolution: Analysing Changes In Enzyme Chemistry With Changes in Protein Sequence and Structure
Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

5 February


Rob Ewers
(Imperial College)
Host:  CBER

Forest ecology: diversity and scaling

12 February

Start time @ 4pm

Darwin's Birthday
Laurent Lehmann
(University of Lausanne) and David Haig (Harvard University)
Hosts: Andrew Pomiankowski and Austin Burt

rb>c@50 -The Golden Anniversary of Hamilton's Rule
Flett LT Natural History Museum


19 February
Cathie Martin
(John Innes, Norwich)
Host: Jurg Bahler
The benefits of a colourful diet: developing the science behind five-a-day
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT
26 February
Jochen Rink
(Max Plank Institute, Dresden)
Host: Max Telford
Flatworm regeneration- why some can while others can't

5 March

NOTE:  This seminar will be at 4.30pm

Tobias Warnecke
(MRC-Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial)
Host: Max Reuter

Assessing the role of epigenetic features in genetic evolution

Venue: Roberts G08 Sir David Davies LT

12 March
Ralf Stanewsky
Sensory systems and molecular mechanisms involved in synchronizing the Drosophila circadian clock
19 March
Katie Peichel
(Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle)
Host: Judith Mank
Fishing for the secrets of vertebrate evolution: genetics of adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks
26 March
Dave Clayton
Host: Judith Mank
Genomic integration of perceptual and social experience in songbirds
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT

Autumn Series

Publication date: Jan 24, 2014 1:52:47 PM

Seminars are held in Room 309, Roberts Building at 5pm unless otherwise stated.  All are welcome to attend.

 Date Speaker Title
9 October
Dave Lunt
(University of Hull)
Host: Daniel Jeffares
The comparative genomics of 'ancient asexuality' and hybridisation in root knot nematodes
16 October
Ted Morrow
(University of Sussex)
Host: Max Reuter
Why sexually antagonistic genes are bad for you
23 October
Ellen Nollen
Host: Lazaros Foukas
Modifying toxicity of aggregation-prone proteins in aging and age-related diseases
30 October
Franck Courchamp
(Univ Paris-Sud)
Host: Ben Collen
Interactions between climate change and biological invasions
13 November
Campbell Gourlay
University of Kent

Host: Jurg Bahler
Mitochondria and the cytoskeleton – matters of life and death in the face of stress
19 November
Note: (Tuesday at 1830 - 2100hrs)

17th Annual Grant Lecture
Paul Upchurch

Fossils, climate change and the future of life on Earth
Venue: J.Z. Young Theatre, Anatomy Building
20 November
James Rosindell
(Imperial College)
Host: David Redding
Ecological Neutral Theory: Madness or Misunderstood?
27 November
Medawar Lecture
Paul Barrett
(Natural History Museum)
Host: LERN
Dinosaurs in the Twenty-First Century: new life from old bones
4 December
Cathie Martin
(John Innes, Norwich)
Host: Jurg Bahler
Postponed.  Rescheduled 19 February

2012/2013 Series

Publication date: Jan 24, 2014 1:49:09 PM

Seminars are held in Medical Sciences AV Hill Lecture Theatre at 5pm unless otherwise stated.  All are welcome to attend.

Date Speaker Title

Summer Series

12 June Julian Huxley Lecture
Kathy Willis
(University of Oxford)
Host: Jon Bielby (IoZ)
"Palaeoecology: “quaint but irrelevant” or essential for conservation biology?"
5 June - postponed
Ted Morrow
(University of Sussex)
Host: Max Reuter

Postponed until next term.

“Why sexually antagonistic genes are bad for you”

29 May - postponed
Cathie Martin
(John Innes, Norwich)
Host: Jurg Bahler
Postponed until next term.
22 May Laurence Hurst
Host: Jurg Bahler
"Why does selection care about codon usage (or what really determines ribosome velocity)"
15 May Thomas Nystrom
Host: Lazaros Foukas
"Protein quality control in time and space - links to aging and age-related proteotoxicity"
8 May Paulino Martinez
(University of Santiago de Compostela)
Host: Judith Mank
“All about sex in fish”
 7 May
Cory Merow
(University of Connecticut)
Host: David Redding

"An iterative approach to understanding species' ranges"

NB 4pm seminar: Gavin de Beer LT

17 April Ron Burton
(San Diego)
Host: Nick Lane
“Consequences of rapid mtDNA evolution: compensatory coadaptation, hybrid breakdown and speciation”

Spring Series

Date Speaker Title
20 March 16th Grant lecture
Joe Cain (UCL)

“Darwin in London”

13 March Yannic Wurm
Host: Judith Mank

“A Y-like social chromosome causes alternative colony organization in fire ants”

6 March Jon Houseley
Host: Jurg Bahler

“The unusual biology of high copy repeats”

27 February       
Chris Barnes
(UCl, CDB)
Host: Lazaros Foukas

“Reverse engineering and design of natural and synthetic biological systems”

20 February Darwin's Birthday Party
Hervé Philippe and Detlev Arendt
“A comparative approach to reconstructing the famous Urbilateria: body plan and nervous system” AND “Reconstructing Urbilateria at the expense of extant bilaterians: methodological and philosophical concerns”
13 February John Marshall
Host: Lazaros Foukas

“If Mother Teresa was a genetic engineer: From golden rice to GM mosquitoes for malaria control”

6 February Greg Elgar
(MRC NIMR London)
Host: Paola Oliveri
“Exploring the conserved regulatory landscape that orchestrates vertebrate development”
30 January Jane Mellor
Host: Jurg Bahler
“Exploiting model organisms and their genetics in a phenotypic high throughput screen for compounds to ameliorate age-related disorders”
23 January Duncan Cameron
Host: Julia Day
"Did mycorrhizal fungi facilitate plant domination of the terrestrial biosphere?"
16 January Andreas Heyland
(University of Guelph, Canada)
Host: Paola Oliveri

“Sea Urchin Metamorphosis: A Model for Understanding Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms of Post-Embryonic Development in Animals”

9 January Andrea Halpern
(Bucknell University)

“Music Cognition in Healthy Aging”

Winter Series

Date Speaker Title
5 December Richard Abel
(Imperial College)
Host: Max Reuter

"CT Killed the Radiographic Star"

28 November       
Russell Garwood
Host: Anjali Goswami

“Digital palaeontology: Computational techniques to understand past life”

21 November      
Medawar Lecture
Rob Asher

“Fossil rocks, genes, & journalists: how the public (mis)perceives evolutionary biology”

14 November   
CEE Autumn Symposium (ZSL) "Smarter Science: The Power of the Crowd!"
7 November
Francisco Ubeda
(Royal Holloway)
Host: Max Reuter

"Menopause and intra-genomic conflict"

31 October Thomas Flatt
(University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna)
Host: Lazaros Foukas

"Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History"

24 October Sam Marguerat
“Quantitative Analysis of Fission Yeast Transcriptomes and Proteomes in Proliferating and Quiescent Cells”

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