Externally funded fellowships

GEE is a research-active department, and we encourage young scientists to join us on externally funded fellowships. GEE and UCL will provide a stimulating environment for your research, with several institutes and research centres focused on broad topics in ecology and evolution, including the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, the UCL Genetics Institute, the R.A. Fisher Centre for Computational Biology, the Institute of Healthy Ageing, and the newly proposed Centre for Life’s Origins and Evolution. UCL has a policy to provide successful fellowship holders with permanent positions and active mentoring will help you to successfully develop your career.
We are committed to support potential fellows from the start. We will make every effort to support you in the early stages of your funding application, providing assistance in developing your project, refining your application and preparing for your interview. GEE staff include current fellows and many established researchers who started their careers on fellowships, all of whom will be able to share their experience in the development of applications.
If you are interested in joining GEE on a fellowship or would like to know more on what we can offer you, please get in touch with us well in advance (minimum one month) of the relevant application deadlines. As a first point of contact, email Max Reuter or Anjali Goswami.

Fellowship schemes in the area of GEE research include the following:

Current senior and post-doctoral fellows in the department are:

    Senior Fellowships
Lazaros Foukas
Wellcome Trust University Award
Garrett Hellenthal
GEE/UGI Sir Henry Dale Fellowship
Nazif Alic
GEE/IHA Biosciences Fellowship
Alex Stewart
Royal Society Fellowship
Jan Janouskovec
UCL Excellence Research Fellow
    Post-doctoral Fellowships
Michal Malecki
GEE Newton International Fellow
Bram Kuijper
Zena Hadjivasiliou
David Diez del Molina
GEE Marie Curie
Matteo Fumagalli
Adesakin Oyinkansola
GEE/IHA Alzheimer's Society Fellowship
Celine Bellard
 GEE/CBER  AXA Research Fund Fellowship
Doug Speed
GEE/UGI MRC Biostatistics
Stephen Montgomery
GEE Leverhulme Trust
Anna Poetsch
GEE/UGI Peter & Traudl Engelhorn Stiftung
Laurel Fogarty
EPSRC 2020
Natasha Bloch
Marie Curie
Vincencio Oostra
Marie Curie
Rebecca Dean
Marie Curie

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