Gene Ontology Proteins

Selection of TERT GO annotations

We are manually annotating proteins expected or known to play a role in cardiovascular systems through the application of Gene Ontology (GO) terms. Manual annotation is a time-consuming process but it provides highly descriptive annotations. The UCL team in general takes a process-focused approach when prioritising which gene products to annotate. The advantage of a process-focused annotation approach is that it gives the curators time to fully understand the biological area they are annotating and consequently provide highly descriptive annotations. In addition, the curators request the creation of more specific GO terms, because they are keen to improve the annotation of this domain. Finally each paper is fully annotated, which may not happen when curators are taking a gene product-focused approach.

Current GO annotation projects:

Previous GO annotation projects:

  • Proteins involved in miRNA processing (Rachael)
  • Folic acid metabolism (Hadil Alrohaif, MSc project student)
  • Hereditary hemochromatosis (Klaus Mitchell, MSc project student)
  • Apoptosis (Ruth)
  • Heart development (Varsha, Ruth)
  • Insulin signaling (Ruth)
  • Lipid metabolism (Ruth)
  • Immunity (Evelyn)
  • Notch Pathway in Cardiac Development (Greg Rowe, MSc project student)
  • Transcription factors associated with heart development (Varsha)
  • Heart jogging (Varsha)
  • BMP signalling pathway (Varsha)
  • Inhibitory SMAD signalling pathway (Varsha)
  • Growth factor regulated SMAD signalling pathway (Varsha)
  • TGF-beta regulated SMAD signalling pathway (Varsha)
  • Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate-sensitive calcium-release channel pathway (Varsha)
  • Growth hormone release pathway (Varsha)
  • Reverse cholesterol transport (Ruth)
  • Ryanodine-sensitive calcium-release channel activity (Varsha)
  • Telomere maintenance (Ruth, Nancy)
  • Transcriptional regulation by TCF7L2 (Ruth)
  • Vitamin D metabolism (Varsha)
  • Lipid trait risk associated genes (Ruth)
  • CAFA2 project list (Anna, Ruth)