Biocuration Activities

Biocurators at UCL are involved a wide range of activities to ensure that they are able to provide accurate, highly detailed annotations following an annotation approach that is in line with the established procedures for the association of Gene Ontology (GO) terms with gene products and the creation of protein-protein interaction (PPI) data. Creation of annotation data is obviously a major activity for the biocurators, however development of the ontology itself, discussing new annotation guidelines and attending meetings are also important aspects.

In addition, the UCL-annotation team discusses the annotation project with expert scientists to ensure the appropriate annotation focus is being undertaken.

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The work of the Cardiovascular Gene Annotation group is supported by British Heart Foundation grant RG/13/5/30112. The work of the Neurological Gene Annotation group is supported by Parkinson's UK grant G-1307. The Functional Gene Annotation team is supported by the National Institute for Health Research University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre.