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Contact Traces leaves forensic science market

Published: Aug 5, 2015 9:55:17 AM

Blind testing in forensic labs

Published: Aug 5, 2015 9:31:35 AM

FBI notifies crime labs of errors

Published: Jun 15, 2015 9:03:22 AM

Special events

In addition to the regular series of research seminars, the JDI Centre for the Forensic Sciences also hosts special events from time to time, often in collaboration with external organisations. Previous events include:

Future Horizons: Forensic Geoscience Conference

Dr Ruth Morgan convened the 2014 meeting of the Forensic Geoscience Group at The Geological Society on 3rd December. With sessions on macro and micro techniques, geoforensic applications in serious crime investigations, and interpretation of geological forensic evidence, it was a very popular and successful conference welcoming delegates from all over the UK and abroad. Our PhD students presented their research and have written a piece on our blog about the day.

Conversations in Forensic Science: Pathways to Partnership

23rd January 2013: The CFS jointly hosted a CPD event with the Forensic Science Special Interest Group. This event brought together forensic science stakeholders, practitioners, service managers, trainers, industry providers and academics to discuss how to improve partnership working. 

Soils ain't soils

14th November 2011: Dr James Robertson (University of Canberra) gave a talk to UCL students and academics on how forensic science has changed over the past 30 years, and what issues are faced, both in the UK and globally.

The value of ecology, botany, palynology and mycology in forensic investigations

25th March 2011: a special guest lecture by Dr Patricia Wiltshire-Hawkesworth.

Launch of the UCL JDI Centre for the Forensic Sciences

9th November 2010: The UCL JDI Centre for the Forensic Sciences was launched in November 2010. A large audience representing many different fields (academia, forensic science practitioners and providers, the police, members of the judiciary, the government and the media) attended the panel discussion "Forensic science in the UK - where do we go from here?" chaired by the broadcaster Nick Ross.

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