Obtaining information under the scheme

UCL routinely publishes large volumes of information on its website. The documents available are grouped in "Classes" of information, in order to make them more easily accessible. To find the information that you require please click on the "Class" and select the document from the list shown. Some documents may not yet be available, as they are being revised and up-dated.

Most information provided in the Scheme will be freely available for downloading from the website. Other information listed in this Scheme, which is not available from the website, will be available when requested in writing from Legal Services, and will be free of charge unless otherwise stated.

If the information that you are seeking is not readily available please contact the UCL FOI Officer, who will advise you about its availability.


1. Most documents in our Publications List are available only in English. On request we may be able to provide some documents in large print versions.

2. Like most organisations, UCL makes use of abbreviations on its documents and other records. We try to make sure such abbreviations are kept to a minimum. If necessary, we will provide an explanation of any abbreviations used.

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