Who we are and what we do

This section provides information relating to the legal framework, how the university is organised, location and contact details, information which identifies the relationships between different bodies (such as business, the professions and the community), and student activities.

Legal Framework

The constitution and governance of UCL are defined in and regulated by the Charter and Statutes and UCL’s Regulations for Management.

(Proposed amendments to the Charter and Statutes require the endorsement of the UCL Council and the subsequent approval of the Privy Council. Proposed amendments to Regulations for Management require the approval of a meeting of UCL Council.) 

How the institution is organised

The responsibilities of the officers of Council, of the Provost and his Senior Management Team, and of other senior UCL officers are defined at:

UCL's standing committees are formally established by Council, which is UCL's governing body. Although Academic Board is included it is provided for in the UCL Charter and Statutes rather than formally established by Council as a standing committee.

Location and contact details

Lists of and information relating to:

  1. organisations which the university has responsibility for
  2. organisations it works in partnership with
  3. sponsors and companies wholly owned by it

This information identifies the relationship between these bodies (such as business, the professions and the community) and the university.

Student activities

Information relating to the operation and activities of the Student Union and other clubs, associations and non-academic activities that are organised for or by the students can also be included where this information is held by the University.

University College London Union (UCLU) is the representative body for University College London students, founded in 1893. UCLU is a separate legal entity to UCL.

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