Our policies and procedures

UCL Publication Scheme

This section covers current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Policies and procedures for conducting university business

  • The Academic Manual is a compendium of key documents relevant to academic quality management and enhancement operations at UCL and particularly to Internal Quality Review.

The Manual is accessible to external readers as well as UCL staff and students both from the UCL website and via the Registry and Academic Services webpages. There is a search facility (thus removing the need for an index) and hyperlinking to other Manual or UCL documents.

Procedures and polices relating to academic services

Procedures and policies relating to student services

Procedures and policies relating to human resources

Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

Codes of Conduct for members of governing bodies

Equality and Diversity

Estate management

Complaints policy

Complaints covering requests for information or information via the publication scheme.

Any written reply from the applicant expressing dissatisfaction with UCL’s response to a request will be treated as a complaint, whether or not the applicant has expressly stated a wish to have the decision reviewed. This includes appeals against decisions to withhold information. The Vice Provost (Operations) is responsible for handling complaints. A response will be provided within 20 working days.

Complaints received more than two months after the initial decision will not be considered.

If dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, the applicant may seek a review by the Information Commissioner, who has powers to uphold or overturn the decision. UCL will abide by the decisions of the Information Commissioner’s Office, unless it considers itself to have grounds for an appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal (Information Rights).

Records management and personal data polices

Records Management is a discipline aimed at the efficient and systematic control of the records you create or receive during the course of your work. This is achieved through systems by which designed to control the creation, storage, retrieval and disposal of records.

The Records Office provides help and advice to staff on information management issues, produce policy in line with legislation and promote good governance.

Please send general enquiries about records management to records.office@ucl.ac.uk or call 32063 (internal) / 020 7679 2063 (external). The Records Manager can also be contacted on 32589 (internal) / 020 7679 2589 (external).

The UCL Computer Security Team exists to improve the security of the College's information infrastructure and to minimise the risk of damage caused by unauthorised use. The team co-ordinates the handling of security incidents within the college, liaising between departments and external organisations to provide technical support in response to security incidents, to isolate problems and to assist in recovery after an incident has occurred.

Research policy and strategy

Charging regimes and polices

UCL will follow the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004. Accordingly, all requests that cost less than £450 to process (the ‘appropriate limit’) will be complied with free of charge.

If the estimated cost of compliance exceeds £450, the duty to comply with the request does not arise. Such requests may be refused. However, mindful of the duty to provide advice and assistance, where the cost of complying with a request would exceed the appropriate limit, the applicant will be helped, if possible, to modify or re-focus the request in order to bring the cost below the limit.

In calculating the cost of a request, UCL may only take into account the time taken to determine whether it holds the information, and to locate and retrieve it. It may not take into account the time taken to consider exemptions and to seek and obtain legal advice, to consider whether a request is vexatious, to obtain authorisation to provide the information or to calculate fees. Costs are calculated at an hourly rate of £25, the equivalent of two and a half working days.

Where communication costs (such as postage, photocopying, printing, CDs etc.) are less than £35 the information will be provided free. The applicant will be charged in full for these costs above that level. A fees notice will be issued, which must be paid within three months. During this period the 20 working day clock is stopped, and re-starts when the fee is received. If the fee is not paid, UCL is released from its obligation to provide the information.

UCL will not charge for information listed on its Publication Scheme except where specifically indicated on the Scheme.

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