New Supplier Requests

As part of the process to reduce unnecessary suppliers, improve efficiency and ensure timely payment of supplier invoices, the following process must be used to request the setup of new suppliers on MyFinance.

New Suppliers

  • Complete the new supplier set-up form for all new companies or self employed individuals to be set up. 
  • To set up an individual as self employed to pay them gross, a self employment application form also needs to be completed and sent with the new supplier set-up form
  • Once completed, the new supplier set-up form should be emailed along with the supplier's bank details on company headed paper to New Suppliers (only email requests will be accepted).
  • All new suppliers should be assigned a supplier category and sub-category code, if this is missing the form will be returned.


To reactivate Suppliers

  • Suppliers are inactivated if they have not been used for 18 months. 
  • To re-activate a supplier that has been inactivated within the current or previous financial year send an email to New Suppliers quoting the name, address, supplier category and sub-category code and attach bank details so these can be checked against those held previously.

Points to Note

  • All questions on the form are relevant and must be completed in order to assess whether it is appropriate for the company to be set up on the system.
  • If the supplier does not fall into a category that Procurement Services need to assess, Accounts Payable (AP) will set up/reactivate the supplier within 2 working days. 
  • If the request is referred to Procurement Services it will be assessed within 4 working days. Where it will take longer than this, for example where terms and conditions need to be agreed, the requestor will be notified by Procurement Services and kept up to date with progress. 
  • If approved by Procurement Services, it will be referred back to AP to set up the supplier within 2 working days. 
  • If you wish to add or amend a company or self employed individual's site address, please email New Suppliers as usual (these will be processed within 2 working days).
  • Student and External Individuals you wish to pay expenses to, will be set up when the expense form is received if necessary.  Employee records are now set up via an interface with HR. 

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