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Welcome! This page is intended to provide an overview of all the finance training available. It includes details of upcoming events and available training materials and will be regularly updated to include new material.

Within FBA a Finance Training Board has been set up to bring together representatives from FBA and across UCL to review and develop the finance training offering. The Board will provide a coordinated approach to training across the breadth of finance which identifies and addresses the needs of users. 

The Board is newly created and work is underway to identify the training requirements and subsequently develop training to address the need. If you have a particular training need, want to provide feedback or have any other comments please email: finance-training@ucl.ac.uk.

The table below provides an overview of upcoming finance training and regular courses. This will be updated with new courses, booking information and additional dates as these are confirmed.

Upcoming events
Worktribe Training Session

An introduction to Research Finance Costing with a system demo and hands-on exercises including:

  • adding and amending proposals,
  • approvals and authorisations, and
  • completing risk assessments. 

Further sessions to be confirmed

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Introduction to Managing UCL Finances

General overview of finance including:

  • general sector information,
  • facts and figures for UCL, and
  • a simple financial exercise.
Further sessions to be confirmed via HR OD website
 Tuition Fees bitesize

Student load and Tuition Fees bitesize seminar covering:

  • what student load is;
  • how it is calculated; and how the load is used to allocate tuition fee income.
Thursday 20 Sept, 1-2pm
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 Chart of Accounts bitesize

Chart of Accounts bitesize covering:

  • what a PTAE is;
  • how PTAE's affect the I&E; and
  • the criteria considered by the School teams when considering requests for new PTA's.
Wednesday 26 Sept, 1-2pm
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Thursday 27 Sept, 1-2pm
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The table below provides links to online training materials such as videos and reference material from previous courses.

Description Link to materials
Worktribe How-to videos covering Project creation, approval and award management
Axiom Axiom How-to videos covering filtering, drill downs and available views

Axiom 2016 Introduction (Video)

Axiom 2016 - What's new (pdf)

Axiom 2016 - How to Guide (pdf)

MyFinance MyFinance Quick Reference Guides covering catalogue and non-catalogue requisitions, iExpenses, IDJ's and IDT's

Getting Started (pdf)

Catalogue Requisitions (pdf)
Non-catalogue Requisitions (pdf)
iExpenses (pdf)
IDJ's (pdf)
IDT's (pdf)

MyFinance MyFinance help covering tasks within the MyFinance system e.g. how to raise a PO, how to add a key member
the '?' symbol once logged into MyFinance provides a menu with a search function available.
Chart of Accounts
Chart of Accounts (May 15) covering Projects, Tasks and Awards
Chart of Accounts workshop Slides (pdf)
Income Student load and Tuition Fees bitesize seminar (Jan 18) covering what student load is and how it is calculated and then used for tuition fee allocation
Tuition Fees Bitesize Slides (pdf)
Axiom Reporting on student fee income workshop (Jan 18) covering the systems used for processing tuition fees and reporting in Axiom
Reporting on Student fees Workshop slides (pdf)

HEFCE Funding bitesize seminar (Feb 18) covering what funding we receive and how it is allocated
HEFCE Funding Bitesize Slides (pdf)
 Income Research overheads bitesize seminar (Apr 18) covering how to apply for research overheads and what happens to awarded overheads
Research Overheads Bitesize Slides (pdf)
Axiom Managing your sponsored research finances with Axiom including any links with Worktribe and MyFinance

Managing Research finances with Axiom Workshop Slides (pdf)


 Income Raising a Sales invoice bitesize seminar (Mar 18) covering the process, key VAT rules and how to check if its been paid.

Sales Invoicing bitesize slides (pdf)

Guide to raising an invoice (pdf)

 Process Month end processes bitesize seminar (May 18) covering the timetable, tasks to be performed, journals and supporting evidence and reporting.

Month end bitesize slides (pdf)

Template for reversing journals (excel)

What is supporting evidence? Guidance (pdf)

 Year End
Materials from the Year End workshop including the presentation, year end timetable, explanation of supporting evidence and
journal templates.
Year End Presentation slides (pdf)
18/19 Year End Timetable (excel)
Template for reversing journals (excel)
What is supporting evidence? Guidance (pdf)

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