Sales Invoicing

Useful Information

Getting a valid PTAE

When you enter a Sales Invoice, on each line you must select a sales item, then a project, task and award.  There are rules built into the system to say which sales items can be used on each project type and award type. 

List of valid Sales Items.  Please refer to this if you are having trouble getting a valid PTAE combination.

Once you have a valid combination, the Expenditure Type field will be populated automatically.  You will not be able to complete the sales invoice until each line has a valid PTAE combination.

If you have any queries or require assistance to determine the correct PTAE for your invoice, please contact your school finance team.

Enter descriptions that customers will understand

Once you select a sales item, the description field is automatically populated.  You should overwrite the default description with text that will help the approver and the customer to understand what the invoice is for.  This is a free text field so you can type whatever will make sense to other people looking at the invoice.

Approvals procedure

For departments that do not approve their own sales invoices, the approval is done by the Taxation & Commercial Accounting team in central finance.  There is no need to notify them.  They regularly search the system for invoices awaiting completion.  Once they approve the invoice, they email the person who raised it.  This process will generally take seven working days.

Be sure to enter your department in the sales person field.  This is used by the Taxation and Commercial Accounting team to sort and report on the sales invoices by department.

If you would like someone in your department to be trained and setup to complete sales invoices, email the Taxation & Commercial Accounting team at

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