Life Technologies - adding Quote information or Promotional codes

If you need to add quote information or promotional codes for Life Technologies orders the correct procedure is to use the attachments functionality in iProcurement which will then ensure the quote information appears in the correct place

Please click link for instructions of How to add Attachments in iProcurement

Important: you must not add quote information or promotional codes as part of the line description as this does not get picked by Life Technologies.  If you do this Life Technologies has said they will not apply the quote/promotional code and you will be charged the full price.

Product Category in iProcurement - Goods or Services

You must choose the correct category, Goods or Services, when creating a requisition.  In general, goods are physical items and services are less tangible, i.e. labour, legal services, or courier costs.

It is very important that the correct category is chosen because it impacts on the reports produced for H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC).When asked to enter a value of either Goods or Services there seems to be some confusion around what constitutes services.

  • Goods tend to be physical tangible items whereas services are not. To help users please see below for types of services.
  • This is not a definitive list, if you are not sure please contact the MyFinance helpdesk or Carolyn Kirkham c.kirkham@ucl.ac.uk for guidance.


Archive and Storage Services
Artwork services excluding web design
Book Binding and Repair
Catering Management Fees
Conference Registrations /Conference Fees/ Speaker fees/ Presenter Fees
Contract Cleaning
Courier costs
E Books or E Journals
Equipment maintenance and servicing charges
External Examiner fee
Freight/Postal charges
Gases and Cylinder Rental charges
Hotel/Accommodation costs
Intercollegiate Fees
IT Web Design
Journal Binding and Repair
Laboratory Diagnostic Services including DNA Sequencing
Laundry services
Library Digitisation
Medical Diagnostic Services
Network maintenance
Patent, Royalty, IPR, Trademark and Copyright services
Printing services
Publishing Fees
Recruitment Fees
Relocation costs
Risk Assessment
Room Hire
Security services
Software development
Software Licences
Software maintenance
Temporary Staff/Agency Costs
Training Courses
Translation, Interpreter or Transcription fees/Services
Travel: Taxis, Airfares, Coach/Ferry and Rail Travel
Visa Fees/Work Permit Costs
Visiting Lecturer Expenses/Fees
Waste Disposal and Recycling Services
Web Design
Window Cleaning

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