MyFinance New Staff Setup

Setup New Staff Member or Temp/Contractor

What Who How
1. Access to login to MyFinance    
  • Staff on UCL payroll
Happens overnight once the person is active in the HR system.
  • Temps and contractors
Helpdesk DA completes the MyFinance Non-staff Request form and emails to
2. Access to additional functionality in MyFinance
  • Add a system role
Departmental Administrator (DA)
How to add a departmental system role
  • Give this person Departmental Administrator role
See below for additional steps that may be required for new DAs
School Finance Team
Email your school finance team
  • Add IDT role (if required)

All users with the UCL staff role or the Student and Temp role will have access to IDT Orderer.

All other IDT roles will need to be assigned to users via User Management. Anyone who has the DA role can do this. Users cannot assign roles to themselves.

DA to add IDT roles via User Management
What are the system roles and the functionality associated with them?
  View list of roles (xls)
3. Access to Projects
  • Add as key member on specific projects


DA or Local Finance Manager How to add project key members
  • Give org security access to all projects owned by an org unit (department)
School Finance email School Finance team, they approve and forward to Central Finance to enter
What is a project and why is this required?
What are the Key Member types?
What are the org units?
  See PTAE definition to find out what a project is.

See Access to Projects for list of key member types.

Organisation Hierarchy (excel)

4. Setup Preferences
  • Setup iProcurement Preferences (Deliver To Location, PO Administrator, PTA)
new staff member
How to setup iProcurement preferences
  • Setup iExpenses Preferences (expenses template, preferred approver)
new staff member How to setup iExpenses preferences
  • Setup iExpenses Accounting Preferences (PTA)
new staff member How to setup iExpenses Accounting Preferences
5. Access to login and run MyFinance Reports
  • Staff on UCL payroll
Happens over the weekend once the person has org security or Unrestricted Key Member access to projects.
  • Temps and contractors
Semi -Automatic

Once the person is setup to login to MyFinance by the helpdesk team, the form is sent to the reporting team to setup the login for Reports.

During the weekend after the person has:
a) access to login to Reports, and
b) access to projects in MyFinance

they will be setup in the Reports system to see their projects.

6. Sign up for Introduction to Managing UCL Finances (if appropriate)
  Find out more and book a place
7. Setup as Authorised Signatory

Find out more about authorised signatory levels and approvals workflow
Departmental Administrator
How to request authorised signatory role

Workflow for setting up an Authorised Signatory

New Departmental Administrator - Additional  Step

A departmental administrator is able to give system roles to people and trigger the authorised signatory setup.  By default they are able to do this for people in their own department (or org unit) and below in the organisation hierarchy.  Sometimes, due to the way the department is structured, they need access to setup people across a higher level org unit than the one they sit in.  If this is the case, their MyFinance profile needs to be changed.  The school finance team should email to request a profile change to the appropriate org unit.

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