IDTs are inter-departmental transfers which are used to transfer funds between departments within UCL. 

IDJs are intra-departmental journals which are used to transfer funds between projects owned by the same department.


IDTs are generally used for internal payments between departments for services provided.  They can also be used to correct transactions that have been posted to a project in the wrong department.

These transactions can be raised by either the supplying or ordering department.  There is workflow within the system which requires both sides to approve the transaction before it is posted.  Specific people have been identified in each department who are able to raise and approve IDTs. 

See the IDTs page for more information.


IDTs can be used to correct a transaction that has been posted to the wrong PTAE (Project, Task, Award, ExpenditureType) or for internal recharges within a department.

These journal entries are created in a spreadsheet like format and posted without approval.  Only Local Finance Managers, Departmental Administrators, School Finance and Central Finance can submit these journals.

See the IDJs page for more information.

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