IDT (Inter Departmental Transfer)

New IDT module was released on Monday 4th April 2016

The new IDT module introduces new functionality such as workflow notifications, reassigning IDT’s in the event of a staff member leaving, improved search option, greater stability, along with the IDT number appearing within Axiom reporting.

How to gain access?

All staff members will have access to IDT Orderer. Existing IDT roles will not be carried forward automatically into the new module.   All users with the UCL Staff Role will have access to IDT Orderer.  All other roles will need to be assigned to users via User Management.  Anyone who has the DA role can do this.  Users cannot assign roles to themselves.

Three other roles are available:

IDT Supplier

IDT Supplier Approver

IDT Orderer Approver

Your DA can give out the additional roles via user-management. 

The pick list of projects is driven by your current org level or key member access.

Old IDTs

IDT’s that were not completed have not been migrated to the new module. Any Old IDT’s that still require processing will need to be re-input into the new IDT module.

To obtain the historical IDT Data please contact

Who and How :

IDTs are generally used for internal payments between departments for services provided.  They can also be used to correct transactions that have been posted to a project in the wrong department.

IDTs can be raised by either the supplying or ordering department.  There is workflow within the system which requires both sides to approve the transaction before it is posted. 

Specific people have been identified in each department who are able to raise and approve IDTs.  To give access to a new person, Departmental Administrators should update their acces via User Management.

Choosing the Correct Expenditure Type :

Valid Expenditure Types for IDTs (excel)

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