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UCL Gifts and Hospitality Policy


    • UCL is an organisation primarily funded by public money from the Government and its agencies e.g. HEFCE, by research grants and contracts from a number of sources, such as the Research Councils, UK Charities and Industry and the European Union, as well as by tuition fees and donations.

      As such, UCL needs to be accountable for the funds it receives and report its spending accurately and transparently. Gifts and hospitality received by staff are also a form of income and should therefore be reported accordingly. Records should also be kept for audit purposes and could be called upon should UCL receive a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

    General Principles

    • UCL is required to keep a record of gifts and hospitality received by staff and / or their family or friends where the value exceeds £25, therefore staff are required to submit a declaration form as soon as such a gift or hospitality is received. This declaration should be passed to the appropriate School / Professional Services Finance Director, who will retain. If it is not possible to value the gift or hospitality received, or it is unknown, then a declaration should be made.

      The Director of Finance & Business Affairs will periodically ask for sight of the declarations, and the School / Professional Services Finance Directors will be required to provide copies of declarations should they be requested by external parties e.g. UCLs auditors or in connection with Freedom of Information requests etc.

      This policy applies to all UCL staff, irrespective of country of employment, and applies to activity anywhere in the world


    • ‘Gifts’ are defined as, and not limited to:

      • goods
      • vouchers or special discounts
      • payments received

      ‘External parties’ are defined as, and not limited to:

      • suppliers or their agents
      • students, their relatives or friends
      • other universities / organisations

      In terms of suppliers or their agents, gifts are defined as anything other than goods and services officially ordered.

      In terms of other universities / organisations, gifts are defined as anything given as a result of an employee's position at UCL.

    Restrictions for Receiving Gifts or Hospitality

    • On no account should gifts or hospitality (which goes beyond refreshment appropriate to the circumstances, such as tea or sandwiches at a demonstration) be accepted from parties involved in a tender process, or parties aiming to become potential suppliers or investors.


    • Hamper, chocolates or any kind of foodstuffs
    • A bottle of wine / spirits or any kind of alcohol
    • Food, Gift or any other voucher or discou
    • Voucher or tickets for a show (with or without hospitality
    • Invitation to a sporting or cultural event (with or without hospitality)
    • A round of golf or some kind of leisure activity
    • Use of a holiday home
    • A framed print
    • Dinner at a restaurant
    • iPad, iPod or any other electrical equipment
    • Payment of transport or hotel bills during contract proposals or negotiations

    Further information

    N.B. This policy should be read in conjunction with, and is subject to, UCL's Anti-corruption and Bribery policy. The Anti-corruption and Bribery policy shall take precedence over this policy in the event of any inconsistency or uncertainty.

    If, after having read the UCL Gifts and Hospitality policy, you have a query which is not covered in the policy, please contact your School/Professional Services Finance Director.

    A pdf version of this policy is available here.

    The Declaration Form is available here.


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