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A-Z Index of Policy, Guidelines, Documentation and General Information

Accountancy Training - UCL Assistance
Accounts Payable
Annual Reports & Financial Statements
Anti-corruption and Bribery policy
Arts & Social Sciences Finance
Authorised Signatories (In the first instance, for any queries relating to Authorised Signatories (including amendments, adding or deleting staff), please contact D'arcey Hollier, Financial Services Office (FSO) Manager on d.hollier@ucl.ac.uk or ext 53326.  Please do not contact the FIS team directly.)  
BACS - Expenses Claims
Bank Accounts - for overseas nationals
Bank - Barclay's Branch Location Map  
Bartlett, Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Finance (BEAMS)
Bicycle Allowance
Blank Finance Forms
Budget Accounting
Business Plans - Guidelines for preparing

Business Case Commentary


Business Case – Template for full financial appraisal/NPV calculation – 10 years (Excel)

Charitable Status of UCL
Charity-funded Research
Cheques - Opening of
Codes:- - Cost / Analysis
- Customer Codes
- SiP Analysis Codes
- Source codes: An Introduction
  A Summary List
- Sponsor codes for Fee Remittances and Stipend
Collaborative Training Accounts (CTA's)
Complaints Procedure
Consultancy Guidelines
Corporate Card Scheme
Costing Template (Contract)
Credit Approval before Setting up, or making changes to, New Customer Accounts  
Currency Converter (this is a link to an external website for information only)
Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act  
Data Protection Act: Consent Research
Declaration of Interests - Policy
Declaration of Interests - Return
Definition of a Researcher
Departmental Administrators
Departmental Statistics
Director of Finance and Business Affairs
Discretionary Accounts - Guidance Notes regarding
Donating to UCL - Tax Efficient Methods of
Doctoral Training Accounts (DTA's)
Electromic Approval and Assessment (EAA) - Medical Research Council - Guidance Notes for UCL
e-GAP (Electronic Grant Applications - Royal Society)
Electronic Submission for Research Funding Applications
Engineering & Physical Scicences Research Council - Centres for Doctoral Training
Engineering & Physical Scicences Research Council - Doctoral Training Accounts
Ethics for Non-NHS Human Research
Ethics Committees - UCLH Research
European Research and Development Office
Euro Exchange Rate
Expenses Claims via BACS
Expenses Claim Forms: General
  Student Bursary
  Visiting Research Fellow Subsistence
  Foreign Bank General Expense Payment

Foreign Bank Student Bursary


Foreign Bank Visiting Research Fellow Subsistence

Expenses (iExpenses)
Expenses Policy
Expenses - Relocation
FAQs:- AP Centralisation
  Finance - General
  Relocation Expenses
  Research Finance (incl. European R&D Office)
  Transparency Review
fEC and Sustainability of Research
Fee Information for Staff

Fee Remittances and Stipends - FIS codes for on the Form S

Finance Forms - Blank Supply of
FIS Web Pages - Financial Information System
Financial Accounting
Financial Analysis & Reporting
Financial Reporting Project
Financial Regulations
Financial Statements & Annual Reports
Financial Systems
FIS Procedures for Non Migrated Departments
FIS Procedures for Migrated Departments
Foreign Advance Policy and Procedures  
Foreign Bank Expense Forms: Foreign Bank General Expense Payment  

Foreign Bank Student Bursary


Foreign Bank Visiting Research Fellow Subsistence

Foreign Currency and Travellers Cheques
Foreign Payments
Form S - Entering Sponsor codes for Fee Remittances and Stipends
Forms - Research Services
Fraud - Investigation of
Funding Sources for Research - ResearchResearch.com
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Grant Awards - Transfers to and from UCL
Grant Enquiries - FIS
Green Champions  
  iExpenses and Season Ticket Loans  
Income - Receipt and Deposit of
  Unidentified (Currency Account)  
  Unidentified (Main Account)  
Insurance Information
Investment Policy
Invoice Raising
Je-S - Research Councils Electronic Submission System
Legal Services
  Life & Medical Sciences Finance  
Map of Finance and Business Affairs Offices
Medical Research Council - Electronic Approval and Assessment Guidance Notes for UCL
Opening Cheques
Overseas Payments
Overseas Visitors Bank Accounts
pFACT - Project Financial Appraisal and Costing Tool
Professional Services Finance
Principal Investigators (PI) Web Reports (FIS)
Procurement Services
Project Management - Research Grant Post Award
Programme Costing Model - Undergraduate
Programme Costing Model - Postgraduate Taught
Project Abacus  
Purchase Ordering  
Purchasing Cards
Purchase Orders over £50,000 - Procedures
Purchase Orders over £50,000 - Checklist Form

R&D tax credit options
Receipt and Deposit of Income
Recruitment Authorisation Process
Related Party Return Information & Guidance
Relocation Expenses
Research Advance Policy and Procedures  
Research Services Forms
Research Council's Cash Limiting
Research Council's fEC Projects - Time sheets
Research Governance
Research Facilities
Research Funding - ResearchResearch.com

Research Grant Applications - UCL Procedures for

Research Services
Research Grant - Post-Award Project Management
Researcher - Definition of
Research Volunteers - Payments (HMCR November 2004 Guidelines still valid)
Responsible Practice in Research
Royal Society - Procedures for e-GAP (Electronic Grant Applications
Salary Scales (with on-costs)
Sales and Receipts Procedures
Self Employment - General Guidance
Self Employment Questionnaire
Service Standards
  Source codes:

An Introduction

    A Summary List  
Sponsors Terms and Conditions

Student Stipend

Sustainable Procurement Policy 
Supplier Set-up
Time sheets - Research Council fEC Projects
Transfer of Grant Awards to and from UCL
Travel Expenses Calculator (this is a link to an external site - for information only)
Travel Insurance Information
Travel Policy - See Expenses Policy  
Travel Services Application Form  
Treasury Management Policy (UCL)  
Tuition Fees
VAT Guide
VAT Registration Number (UCL)
Year End Documents


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