About Us

Responsible for the management of UCL's cash position, bank accounts, associated accounting, reconciliations and income control procedures.

Our Services

  • Daily analysis of cash position
  • Investment of surplus cash
  • Forecasting cashflow position over the longer term to establish investment and/or borrowing requirements
  • Devising and disseminating procedures for receipting cash and making payments
  • Ensuring the accurate recording in MyFinance of all cash receipts and payments
  • Monthly reconciliation of 25+ bank and control accounts
  • Ensuring compliance with PCIDSS requirements

Who We Are

Treasury team

  • Steve Williams: Treasury Accountant, x57223,

    • Ensuring compliance with PCIDSS requirements, Resolving WPM issues, Management of the Financial Services Office, Management of banking arrangements, Review and management of online payments software.
  • Barry Giles: Assistant Treasury Accountant, x58778,

    • Cashflow forecasting, Cashflow monthly analysis & reporting.
  • Suba Aravin: Senior Accounts Assistant, x57293,

    • Reconciliation of bank and control accounts, Review of FSO banking, Review of SAM payment batches.
  • Nathaniel Bones: Senior Accounts Assistant, x58771,

    • Ensuring the recording in¬†MyFinance of all UCL main bank account transactions, Investigating unidentified income, Reconciliation of bank and control accounts.
    • Reconciliation of bank and control accounts, Reconciliation of WPM income.

How to contact us

  • Treasury, Finance and Business Affairs, 5th Floor Torrington Place London WC1E 7HB

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