NHS Billing

About Us

The NHS Billing Dept recharges salary costs incurred by UCL to NHS Trusts and other Government Heath providers.

Our Services

  • Financial approval of SiPs for salary remuneration of staff being recharged to Government Health Providers.
  • Updating UCL HR system (Resource Link) for related costs.
  • Creating budgets for all agreed costs to be recharged.
  • Monitoring and updating budgets through the Spreadsheet CFAL (Confirmation Funding Award Letter) system.
  • Raising & approving invoices on the FIS system and delivery of Invoices and backing data of all salary costs incurred that have an agreed recharge contract.
  • Monitoring and checking of all job plans completed by Consultant academics, including Threshold scales
  • Monitoring HEE contracts relating to CCT dates
  • Reconciling of all recharges to source G general ledger accounts and related internal source 7 accounts.
  • Raising and uploading Journals between general ledger accounts.
  • Deal with any query relating to the above

Who We Are

NHS Billing team

  • Lynda Masey: Restructuring & Systems Analysis Manager (NHS Billing), x58999, lynda.masey@ucl.ac.uk

    • Manager of the NHS Billing Department.
  • Rupel Patel: NHS Billing Officer - SiPs, x57216, rupel.patel@ucl.ac.uk

    • Monitors and approves SiPs.
  • Philip Nicholson: NHS Billing Officer - CFAL, x57211, philip.nicholson@ucl.ac.uk

    • Monitors and updates the budget spreadsheets.
  • Dhanesh Urade: NHS Billing Officer - Backing data, x58785, dhanesh.urade@ucl.ac.uk

    • Monitors and updates the monthly invoice backing data.
  • Joyce Mukakamamzi: NHS Billing Officer - Invoices and queries, x58995, joyce.mukakamamzi@ucl.ac.uk

    • Data processing of invoices, job plan investigation, monitors HEE CTT dates, billing queries.
  • Jannat Ahmed: NHS Billing Officer - Reconciliations, x58993, jannatul.ahmed@ucl.ac.uk

    • Reconciliation of all source G and related source 7 accounts, assistant with SiP process and backing data detail.

How to contact us

  • Office address: 5th floor, 1-19 Torrington Place

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