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Our team is responsible for the management of UCL’s Research, General and NHS debt and income. 

Please note that Student Finance, Student Residences and Bloomsbury Theatre debt is not part of our remit (there are specific teams within UCL dealing with it).

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Credit Control team

  • M. Virginia Rivera: Head of Credit Control, x57228,

    • Responsible for Research Grants General and NHS Debtors credit control and income. Involved in reciprocal payables for NHS debtors. Overseeing new accounts, credit checks & analysis, account set up including additional billing. Managing overall debt and debtor queries, processes and procedures. 
  • Uzma Mohammedy: Credit Control Supervisor, x57225,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters: European Commission (including EC Reconciliations) and Wellcome Trust.
  • Sachini Fernando: Sales Ledger Administrator, x58780,

    • Sales Ledger Queries. Raising Profile Invoices, Banking. Setting up Accounts. Credits Checks, Scanning Documents. Income Queries.
  • Andrew Boderick: Credit Controller, x58774,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with numbers and with letters: B’s except BR’s, BHF, C,S.
  • Viral Shah: Credit Controller, x57233,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters: Kings College London University and Hospital accounts, M, R.
  • Terry Verney: Credit Controller, x57200,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters: DOH, ESRC, G,I (except Imperial College accounts), U (except UCLH), KTP’s under K’s.
  • Paul Hassan: Credit Controller, x56661,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters: A, DOH, E (except EC                   ESRC), N.
  • Ana Stamenkovic: Credit Controller, x57217,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters: F, H, J, K (except KTP and Kings College London accounts), Imperial college accounts, P, T, X, Y, Z.
  • Mariyana Gavrilova: Credit Controller, x58770,

    • Dealing with accounts starting with letters:  BR (except BHF), D (except DOH),  L, O, Q, V, W (except WT).

How to contact us

  • Office address: Credit Control, FBA, 5th floor, 1-19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HB
  • Telephone: 0203 108 8780  (external), x58780 (internal)
  • E-mail:
  • Please email any queries, remittance advices and new customer requests to:

If you wish to discuss a particular account with one of the credit controllers you can contact the relevant member of staff dealing with the account as per details above.

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