Estates Finance

About Us

The Estates Finance Team is responsible for providing financial analysis and support to the Estates Leadership Team (ELT) and financial reporting to the Financial Analysis and Reporting Team (FAR) in order to progress the maintenance and continued expansion of the UCL Estate.

Our Services

Capital Projects

  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of Capital Project Spend
  • Technical accounting advice
  • Assistance with the transfer of funding to/ from Projects
  • Evaluation of Business Cases
  • Part of the review panel at the Projects Review Group (PRG)
  • Cashflow profiling
  • Reporting on the Capital Plan
  • Set up of Projects


  • Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts with analysis and commentary
  • Management of the Estates areas of the Annual Audit and Internal Audit
  • Collation of Budget and Forecast data
  • Advice on technical financial issues
  • Providing monthly data to Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Identifying potential areas for inclusion in the Estates Risks and Opportunities Register
  • Taxation advice
  • Financial approval for recruitment (through SIP and Resource Link)
  • Set up of SMP Projects
  • Account code set up

Who We Are

  • Team Manager: Gary Brown,
  • Judith Singh: Assistant Management Accountant,

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the Portfolio and Business Services, Sustainability, Property, Utilities and Student Accommodation. Additionally responsible for preparation of Monthly Management Accounts and Budgeting and Forecasting.
  • Lotte Adams: Accounts Assistant,

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the Facilities Services (F&WS) and Engineering, Maintenance and Infrastructure (EM&I) teams. Additionally responsible for reporting on Strategy and Programme Delivery and Non-Operational Costs.
  • Mansoor Pervaiz: Capital Accountant,

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the SMP, Capital, UCL East and Staff Costs. Additionally responsible for Business Case evaluation and Capital Plan reporting and Funding Transfers for Capital and SMP.

How to contact us

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