Estates Finance

About Us

Provision of financial support and analysis to the Estates Leadership Team and Estates Financial Reporting to the Financial Analysis and Reporting Team.

Our Services

Capital Projects

  • Monitoring of Capital Project Spend
  • Technical accounting advice
  • Assistance with the transfer of funding to/ from Projects
  • Evaluation of Business Cases
  • Part of the review panel at the Projects Review Group (PRG)
  • Cashflow profiling
  • Reporting on the Capital Plan
  • Set up of Projects


  • Monthly Management Accounts with analysis and commentary
  • Management of the Estates areas of the Annual Audit and Internal Audit
  • Collation of Budget and Forecast data
  • Advice on technical financial issues
  • Providing monthly data to Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Taxation advice
  • Financial approval¬† for recruitment (through SIP and Resource Link)
  • Set up of SMP Projects
  • Account code set up

Who We Are

  • Paul Di Paola: Senior Accountant, x41961,

    • Overall responsibility for budgeting, forecasting and reporting for the Estates Division, reporting to the Director of Financial Control and Analysis and the Director of Estates.
  • Emma Smith: Capital Accountant, x41202,

    • Responsible for the financial reporting of the Capital and Strategic Maintenance programmes.¬†
  • Hooi Kong: Assistant Management Accountant, x41973.

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the Property and Environmental Services Teams
  • Lindsey Du Plooy: Assistant Management Accountant, x41239,

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the Facilities, Engineering Maintenance & Infrastructure and Safety Services Team. Additionally responsible for the review of Core Overheads
  • Akhtar Patel: Assistant Management Accountant, x41234,

    • Financial reporting and analysis for the Satellites Team. Additionally responsible for reporting on the New University Quarter, Capital Projects , Space and Strategy and the Strategic Maintenance Programme.

How to contact us

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