Florian Mussgnug

18 March 2013

Dr Florian Mussgnug

Dr Florian Mussgnug is Lecturer in Italian Literature at UCL, where he also directs the graduate programme in Comparative Literature.

He studied philosophy and modern languages at the University of Oxford and at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, and was Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Rome III.

In 2012, he received the Edinburgh Gadda Prize for ‘The Eloquence of Ghosts: Giorgio Manganelli and the Afterlife of the Avant-Garde’ (Oxford, 2010).

Other publications include ‘Postmodern Impegno: Ethics and Commitment in Contemporary Italian Culture’ (ed. with P. Antonello, Oxford, 2009); ‘Folly: Special Issue of Comparative Critical Studies’ (ed. with L. Boldrini, Edinburgh, 2008); ‘Lutero: Il padre della Riforma protestante’ (Florence, 2003), as well as articles on Umberto Eco, Primo Levi, Elsa Morante, Luciano Berio, avant-garde literature, philosophy and literature.

His research interests include modernism and postmodernism, apocalypse fiction, philosophy of language and literary theory, avant-garde and experimental literature.