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Archive of Between the Lines

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Alessandro Gallenzi - Alma Classics and Translation

Publication date:

Alessandro Gallenzi

Timothy Mathews talks with Alessandro Gallenzi, the managing editor of Alma Books, about his long and varied experience in publishing translations of European literature and writing them.

Joyce Crick - Freud and Kafka in English

Publication date:

Joyce Crick

Timothy Mathews speaks with Joyce Crick about her explorations in English of Freud and Kafka. A highlight is the way she hears the word Schuld which is German for guilt. 

Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella - Translating texts / Making texts

Publication date:

Eugenia and Manuela

Timothy Mathews speaks with Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella, the co-editors of 'Translation and Creativity' (Continuum 2006) and 'One Poem in Search of a Translator' (Peter Lang 2008). 

Daniel Hahn - Translating contemporary novels from French and Portuguese

Publication date:

Daniel Hahn

Timothy Mathews talks with Daniel Hahn about the linguistic, cultural and personal experiences of translating literary works into English, and the discussion turns in particular to 'The Book of Chameleons', by the Angolan writer José Eduardo Agualusa, and 'The Piano Cemetery' by the Portuguese writer José Luís Peixoto.

Clive Scott - Literary Translation

Publication date:

Clive Scott

Timothy Mathews talks with Clive Scott about literary translation and his publication 'Literary Translation and the Rediscovery of Reading'.  

Anthea Bell and Jo Catling - Translating W.G. Sebald

Publication date:

Anthea Bell

Timothy Mathews in conversation with translators Anthea Bell OBE and Dr Jo Catling about their work translating W.G. Sebald.

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