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2017 Festival Picks

With a diverse range of over 60 events, the 2018 UCL Festival of Culture has something for everyone. We've asked our staff and students which events they are most looking forward to. 

Lori Houlihan, Vice-Provost (Development)

Spiritual Flavours

Having recently become UCL’s Interfaith Champion and spent a lot of time this year exploring the different faith communities that make up UCL, I’m very excited by this film by PhD student Laura Cuch, which promises to be a fascinating, evocative insight into the role of food in faith and spirituality. Cooking as an act of generosity and community, recipes that are infused with inheritance and tradition, flavours that bring back memories – food is about so much more than simply eating to satiate ourselves. I’m looking forward to finding out more about different religious communities through their food – and perhaps also learning some new recipes!

Collette Lux, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing 

Elizabeth I at 60

Join us in exploring the differences between modern interpretations of the venerable Queen as grotesque and the ‘spin’ of the Elizabethan age. By unravelling the rich and complex evidence from the period, can we truly uncover what Elizabeth was like at 60? This fascinating session is a must-see for anyone interested in publicity, communications and what it takes to build a legend.

Sonia Abrams, Senior Events Manager (Live Events), Office of the Vice Provost Development

Cities After Hours

I’m definitely heading to Cities After Hours. I’m a born and bred Londoner and am keen to hear what our academics have to say about the impact on inhabitants in the city at night, the nocturnal inhabitants of our street and do they think curfews work. The nocturnal world of our city streets is intriguing and I look forward to the researchers sharing their thoughts and hopefully their recommendations for more inclusive, safer city streets.