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Homeland(s): Real and Imagined (interactive installation)

Wednesday 7 June | 17:30-18:30 and daily till 10 June, 18:00 | Waterstones Gower Street

Free event

About the project: The Homeland(s): real and imagined is a work-in-progress interactive sound and visual installation offering a unique experience of physical, emotional and intellectual engagement with themes of home and migration. Part of this project is a dialogue with the participants who have shared stories and experiences of their own departures from their homelands and arrivals in London. The final artwork will feature a curated collection of recorded stories of arriving in London, told by the participants as well as literary characters. Incorporating touch sensors, the installation invites the audience to become active players by physically engaging with the artwork triggering sound by human touch.

Cyber Citizens is a London-based theatre collective founded by Gabriela Kite and Zuzana Pincikova with an aim to create interdisciplinary, immersive and often interactive performances focussing on contemporary social issues. We are using new and open-source technologies as tools for creativity and interactive storytelling.

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