UCL Festival of Culture


Festival Events

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Festival of culture. More than 1200 people joined us on campus for a week-long celebration of the world-class research being carried out by staff and students at UCL.

Take a look at some of the highlights from the week.  

Monday 4 June

Highlights from Monday's line up include:

  • Elizabeth I at 60
  • Miltonathon
  • Time for Tea? British Values in Schools
  • REMOTE CONTACT Exhibition
  • Poets Poets
  • Women Writing Suffrage
  • Sex and Migration
  • And much more...

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Monday 4 June Events

Tuesday 5 June

Highlights from Tuesday's line up include:

  • UCL Special Collections
  • Entrepreneurship and Education
  • Magic and Medieval Literature
  • The Language of Law
  • Europe Through the Looking Glass: A Little Tour of Children's Books Across the Continent
  • Medieval Dog Love
  • Spiritual Flavours

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Tuesday 5 June Events

Wednesday 6 June

Highlights from Wednesday's line up include:

  • Cities After Hours
  • Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London: Live
  • Can the Language of 11-year-olds Predict Their Future?
  • Shakespeare's Real Life
  • Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in London: What are the Policy Solutions?

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Wednesday 6 June Events

Thursday 7 June

Highlights from Thursday's line up include: 

  • A Brief History of Cosmopolitanism
  • Cicero and Women
  • Tales from a Master's Notebook
  • Writing War: Literature from Ukraine
  • Queer Visibility in Young Adult Fiction

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Thursday 7 June Events

Friday 8 June

Highlights from Friday's line up include:

  • A Refugee Child in WW2 London
  • Vision and Decision: How We See at Sea
  • Poetry and Protest of Partition
  • Female Readings of the Iliad
  • A Musical Roman: Proust and Hahn

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Friday 8 June