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The ExCiteS team works on various projects, with the core philosophy of working alongside the research community. Our focus on Citizen Science and related topics helps improve and extend our scientific approach to "Extreme Citizen Science". This allows us to maximise our research contributions and enable engagement with communities that can benefit at a global scale.

Current Projects

DITOs Profile

Doing it Together Science (DITOs)

DITOs is a European-wide project focused on promoting change in the way the public engages with science and innovation through Citizen Science.
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WeGovNow Profile


WeGovNow uses innovative technologies to overcome limitations of existing digital tools in the context of citizen reporting, e-participation, and citizen-government communication.
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Challenging RISK Profile

Challenging RISK

Challenging RISK (Resilience by Integrating Societal and Technical Knowledge) is concerned with socially integrated mitigation of multiple structural risks in the urban environment.
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