Dr Matthias Stevens

Matthias Stevens

Matthias hails from Ghent, Belgium and before moving to London he has also lived in Córdoba, Brussels and Paris. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science (2004, University College Ghent), a Master’s degree in Computer Science (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2007), and a PhD in Science  (VUB, 2012). While working as a PhD student at VUB and the Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris Matthias was involved in the NoiseTube project, a mobile sensing platform for the creation of participatory noise maps.  NoiseTube and the more general concept of community memories are also the topic of his PhD thesis.

Since joining UCL in March 2012 Matthias leads the ExCiteS group’s effort to design, develop, evaluate and deploy a generic (software) platform that enables people with no or limited literacy – in the strict and broader technological sense – to use smartphones and tablets to collect, share, visualise and analyse (spatial) data. The platform is and will be used in a variety of concrete projects, often related to environmental monitoring.

His research interests include citizen science and mobile sensing, from both a technical and social perspective. Other interests include mobile application development, software architecture design, cartography, geopolitics and economics.


Participatory sensing, community memories, citizen science, environmental monitoring, literacy

Contact Details

e-mail: m [dot] stevens [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

Main publications

See IRIS profile below for a complete publication overview.


  • “Participatory Noise Mapping”. Over the Air 2012. June 1-2, 2012; Bletchley Park, UK.
  • “DIY Decibel Loggers for Heathrow”. Electromagnetic Field 2012. August 31-September 2, 2012; Milton Keynes, UK. With Christian Nold.
  • “Extreme Citizen Science – Concepts & Projects”. CEE Autumn Symposium 2012. November 14, 2012; Zoological Society of London, UK.
  • “Participatory Mapping in Congo-Brazzaville”. Campustalks #17. May 7, 2013; Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium.
  • “Participatory Environmental Monitoring in the Congo-basin”. Workshop “Hands on citizen science: ecology, engagement & technology”, held at INTECOL 2013, August 22, 2013; London, UK.

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