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Julia Altenbuchner

Dr Julia Altenbuchner

Email: julia.altenbuchner@ucl.ac.uk
UCL IRIS Profile

Julia studied Geography and Computer Science (BSc, 2011) at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. In 2012 she obtained an MSc in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from UCL’s department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering. In this same year she joined the ExCiteS Research Group as a PhD student.

The objective of her PhD is to empower people to protect their local environment regardless of their background and literacy skills. Julia develops innovative tools that enable communities to monitor environmental changes and resource extraction in an accessible way.

Her research interests include geospatial technologies, Human-Computer Interaction and environmental sustainability. She is interested in participatory GIS and Citizen Science projects in vulnerable places of the earth in order to improve their resource management.