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Gill Conquest

Gill Conquest

Gill read her BA in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge in 2006, following which she spent five years working on projects promoting technological solutions to improve the engagement of marginalised groups with NGOs in the UK and the Philippines. She studied the MSc in Anthropology, Environment and Development at UCL from 2011-2013, carrying out her dissertational research with the Extreme Citizen Science research group in the Republic of the Congo.

Building directly on her MSc research, Gill's PhD involves a detailed ethnographic investigation into the use of digital technologies to enable grassroots participation in natural resource management regimes across a range of global settings. By taking a comparative, multi-sited approach she will look at how the Extreme Citizen Science methodology differs from participatory methodologies that are already in practice, what factors influence the relative success of these methodologies in terms of the strength and meaning of local participation in each case, and what are the key challenges to ensuring a high level of engagement across different social groups and settings in complex, multi-stakeholder scenarios.

Gill's research interests include the anthropology of conservation and development initiatives, particularly with regards to participatory approaches and power relationships in complex, multi-stakeholder scenarios. She also has a strong interest in digital anthropology, ICT4D, and the impact new technologies are having on economic, social and environmental processes across the globe.


participatory software development, development anthropology, ICT4D, mapping, digital anthropology, participatory natural resource management (PNRM)

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e-mail: g [dot] conquest [dot] 11[at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

Website: http://gillconquest.co.ukĀ