Cindy Regalado

Cindy Regalado

Cindy has an international background having lived and worked in the UK, India, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Sweden. Her academic background is in Geography, GIS, Environmental Engineering, and the Arts. In her Master’s degree in Rural Planning and Community Development at the University of Guelph in Canada, she investigated community adaptive strategies to rapid socio-economic change.

As a PhD student she is currently looking at engagement in Do-It-Yourself practices that link knowledge to action in 'publicly initiated scientific research'.

Her research interests extend beyond her PhD studies, leading her to co-found Citizens without Borders, an enterprise that seeks to extend and challenge our conception of ourselves and the world around us through projects such as 'Science has no Borders'. Her passion is to understand how people and communities organize themselves and thrive in addressing issues of concern to them.


Engagement; DIY; empowerment; "publicly initiated scientific research"; communicative action; emancipation; creativity; learning

Contact Details

e-mail:  cindy [dot] regalado [dot] 11 [at] ucl [dot] ac [dot] uk

Tel: +44  (0) 744 680 1761

Website: Click here

Twitter:  @CwB_london


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